Research at ME

Research and innovation are integral parts of the Mechanical Engineering department at The University of North Texas, a Carnegie Tier One research institution. The department offers state-of-the-art facilities ranging from a variety of instructional laboratories to research facilities including the Net Zero Energy (ZØE) Research Laboratory and the Engineering Manufacturing Facility. These facilities allow our faculty and students to work side-by-side on industry-sponsored senior capstone design projects or on cutting-edge graduate research.

The department’s research focus areas are Materials/Manufacturing/Mechanics, Thermo/Fluids, Controls, and Energy. Faculty, post-doctoral researchers and student teams work on exciting inter-disciplinary projects on robotics and controls, manufacturing of composite and engineered materials, characterization of high-performance structural material, air quality modeling and environmental monitoring. They are also developing next-generation sensors for extreme environments, and energy harvesting using phase-change materials.

If you are interested in partnering with the ME Department or if you are a prospective graduate student, email us at or contact the department at 940-565-2400.

Faculty research

  • Dr Huseyin Bostanci Research
    Dr. Huseyin Bostanci
  • Dr. Nourredine Boubekri Research
    Dr. Nourredine Boubekri
  • Dr Wonbong Choi Research
    Dr. Wonbong Choi
  • Dr Taeyul Theo Choi Research
    Dr. Taeyul Theo Choi
  • Dr. D'Souza's Research
    Dr. Nandika D'Souza
  • Dr. Zhenhua Huang Research
    Dr. Zhenhua Huang
  • Dr Jiang's Research
    Dr. Yijie Steven Jiang
  • Dr John's Research
    Dr. Kuruvilla John
  • Dr Maurizio Manzo Research
    Dr. Maurizio Manzo
  • Dr Reza Mirshams Research
    Dr. Reza Mirshams
  • Dr Seifollah Nasrazadani Research
    Dr. Seifollah Nasrazadani
  • Dr Vish Prasad Research
    Dr. Vish Prasad
  • Dr. Hamid Sadat Research
    Dr. Hamid Sadat
  • Dr. Shen's Research
    Dr. Herman Shen
  • Dr. Shi's Research
    Dr. Sheldon Shi
  • Dr. Hector Siller Research
    Dr. Hector Siller
  • Dr. Cheng Yu Research
    Dr. Cheng Yu
  • Dr Zhang's Research
    Dr. Haifeng Zhang
  • Dr. Richard Zihao Zhang's Research
    Dr. Richard Zihao Zhang
  • Dr Zhao's Research
    Dr. Weihuan Zhao