Graduate Degree Programs


Obtaining your Master of Science or Ph.D. at UNT can be your doorway to success, both now and in the future, as an academic researcher and professional engineer.

The department's graduate programs build on the theme of Mechanical and Energy Engineering and Engineering Technology through course offerings, opportunities to engage in work experiences in faculty laboratories through directed study, thesis, and dissertations. Many students seek internships or work part time in area industries given our proximity to the metroplex. We are unique. You will have opportunities that you won't be able to find at many other schools and will be able to partner with world-class faculty and local industry leaders to make an impact in both your field and your community.

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Degree programs


The Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers a Graduate Academic Certificate in Energy. This 15 credits program is designed to meet the increasing demands of students with a comprehensive understanding of energy engineering, social/environmental studies, energy policy, economics, and management.  This program will also be unique in the State of Texas and among only a few in the US. Students earning one of our degrees can concurrently enroll in the Graduate Academic Certificate for dual credit. Similarly, the ME department offers a master degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering with a concentration in Energy Systems. 

Certificate in Energy