Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides two engineering degree programs (BS), two engineering technology degree programs (BSET) and one certificate for undergraduate students.

What is Mechanical & Energy Engineering?

Mechanical and Energy Engineering prepares students for a green future and the ever-growing fields of energy and sustainability. With a hands-on approach and taught by research-focused and experience-driven faculty, undergrads who choose to pursue a degree in Mechanical and Energy will combine the fundamentals of mechanical engineering with a specialization in subjects related to energy production, management, and distribution. Our graduate students will learn fundamental and applied knowledge compatible with mechanical engineering, renewable energy, energy modeling, manufacturing and fossil fuels.

What is Engineering Technology?

At UNT, our ET programs are strongly based on advanced applications of technology to solve engineering problems. They introduce experiential learning activities in virtually every course and emphasize hands-on laboratory activities without the abstract manipulation of mathematics.

In many circles, ET is described as hands-on or applied engineering. ET graduates are in high demand and work side-by-side with other engineering graduates in a variety of technical fields.

Degree Programs

Students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering select one of the following programs:


We also offer undergraduate certificate programs:

Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Certificate

The BSET in Mechanical Engineering Technology with the MEFT certificate will enhance your opportunities to advance toward a rewarding career in the manufacturing sector. Learn more about the program and our manufacturing facilities. The Certificate can be found here: Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Certificate.PDF