External Advisory Board

EAB meeting group picture from 2019

The mission of the External Advisory Board is to guide the Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department with a vision and to provide insight for improving the department’s service to all its constituencies and stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, industry and the community. The IAB provides guidance and necessary support to the department in the assessment of the curriculum, both existing and proposed, and evaluation of student outcomes. It also provides the department with future trends and employment needs in the industry.

EAB Board Members:

  • Armstrong Ekpete  
    Aerospace Engineer, F35 JSF
    US Department of Defense
  • Kyle Gilliam  
    Design Engineer
    Peterbilt Motors Company 
  • Michael Grim
    President and CEO
    Grim Energy Management Strategies, LLC
  • Aaran Haught
    Design Engineer
    Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
  • Sarah Peña  
    US Sales Productivity Lead
    Schneider Electric
  • Anil Kumar, Ph.D.
    President and CEO
    OMAK Technologies LLC
  • Scott Newhouse
    Chief Engineer
    PACCAR/Peterbilt Motors Co.
  • Ganesh Rao
    Global Director, Process and Systems Group
  • Carlos Peña Sanchez  
    Thermal Equipment Product Manager
    Stewart Systems, LLC
  • Albert Smith
    Engineering Manager
    Wellflex Energy Solutions
  • Archie Wright  
    Certification Engineer
    Recaro Aircraft Seating
  • Guang Yuan (Robert) Xiong  
    JMP Petroleum Tech, Inc.
  • Allan Zhong, Ph.D. 
    Technology Manager, Innovations