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Faculty listed as top 2 percent in their field, per Stanford study
April 2021 - Twenty-five faculty members in the College of Engineering are listed in a ranking of the top 2 percent of scientists in the world in a study by Stanford University. The study, published in PLOS...
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Researchers creating reconfigurable UAVs for US Army use on the battlefield
March 2021 - Three researchers at the UNT College of Engineering are working to create a reconfigurable unmanned aircraft vehicle that could be 3D printed on-demand and on-site from anywhere in the world as...
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UNT experts design lightweight drone to increase range and payload of Army UAVs
March 2021 - A core group of UNT Engineering researchers are rethinking the way Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) operate as part of an initiative to improve battlefield efficiency and soldier safety for the U.S....
Dr. Hassan Qandil
Qandil joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering
March 2021 - Hassan Qandil joined the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, now the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as a lecturer at the University of North Texas. Before joining UNT, Qandil...
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Alumnus learns the power of hard work, adaptability
March 2021 - Mechanical and energy engineering Alumnus Kyle Kayfus (’13) knows the value of hard work and dedication. He started his career as a design engineer at Safran, a company that supplies systems...
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UNT Engineering recognized with ASEE Bronze award for diversity and inclusion
January 2021 - The University of North Texas College of Engineering has been awarded the 2021 Bronze Award by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) for its diversity and inclusion efforts and...