Construction Management, BS

Do you have an interest in engineering and business management? Did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the national employment of construction managers to increase by 11 percent by 2026 – faster than the average projected growth of 7.5 percent across all occupations?

Students learn how to model tiny houses that could be scaled to actual size.

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program prepares project managers to serve in leadership positions in the ever-growing field of construction. Graduates will be able to manage projects of all sizes, ranging from residential housing to office buildings to roads and other local, regional, and national construction projects.

Students will acquire the following skills during their time in the program:

  • Ability to select appropriate construction materials and determine best practices
  • Ability to estimate costs and quantities and evaluate materials for construction projects
  • Ability to manage a construction project
  • How to function as an effective member or leader on a technical team
  • Understanding of written, oral, and graphical communication in technical and non-technical environments
  • Understanding of the principles of construction management, law, and ethics

Graduates of the program can expect to be trained on project management and how to communicate technical and structural project aspects with engineers and other practitioners within the construction field. The B.S. in Construction Management degree also provides a pathway to the M.S. in Engineering Management. 
Students in this program will take a non-calculus-based physics and Math 1190, making this the perfect degree for students looking to focus in on the project management aspects of construction technology.


Program Coordinator: Dr. Cheng Yu