teaser image for Mean Green Racing places 13th at Formula SAE Lincoln
Mean Green Racing places 13th at Formula SAE Lincoln
July 2017 - On Saturday, UNT’s Mean Green Racing, the university’s SAE Formula racing team, placed 13th at Formula SAE Lincoln, a four-day competition where student teams’ formula cars are tested on...
Dr. Elias Kougianos
Professor is recipient of 2017-2018 Decker Scholar Award
June 2017 - Warm congratulations to Dr. Elias Kougianos for being the recipient of the 2017-2018 Decker Scholar Award, an honor that is bestowed upon an outstanding researcher in the natural sciences,...
Experiment setup
MS thesis on two-phase immersion cooling
May 2017 - This study aimed to investigate performance of ARM-based computer clusters using two-phase immersion cooling approach, and demonstrate its potential benefits over the air-based natural and forced...
Emmanuel Ogunsona
ETEC alumnus receives Ph.D. degree in Biological Engineering
May 2017 - UNT Mechanical Engineering Technology (MEET) 2006 Alumnus, Emmanuel Ogunsona recently received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada...
Yu in his lab
Professor, students to improve communication and information for AISI Primary tabs VIEW(ACTIVE TAB) EDIT
April 2017 - UNT’s College of Engineering is working to improve communication and information models between architects, contractors and fabricators, thanks to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)...
Sween Butler
ETEC alumna to earn Ph.D. degree in Physics
April 2017 - Congratulations to Sween Butler, an ETEC alumna who completed her Master of Science in Engineering Technology with concentration in Electrical Systems in 2009, successfully defended her dissertation...