ETEC alumna to earn Ph.D. degree in Physics

Sween ButlerCongratulations to Sween Butler, an ETEC alumna who completed her Master of Science in Engineering Technology with concentration in Electrical Systems in 2009, successfully defended her dissertation “Nonlinear light generation from optical cavities and antennae” on March 22, 2017 towards earning a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of North Texas, Physics Department. 

Soon to be Dr. Sween’s expertise is on nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy. She studied nonlinear light-matter interactions in optical cavities and antennae made of dielectric materials in the nano- and submicron scale. Her dissertation work shows efficient frequency conversion from all-dielectric structures generating tunable pulsed light in the visible spectrum. Ms. Sween is a STEM scholar who is actively involved in the Society of Women Engineers and has experience being a Research Scholar for Shimane University in Japan, a Research Fellow for the Air Force Research Laboratory, and a Visiting Pre-doctoral Fellow Candidate for the National Institutes of Health.