UNT engineering professor earns $2.7M Department of Energy grant to advance nuclear fuel recycling tech

Dr. Haifeng Zhang standing in his lab,

Mechanical Engineering professor Haifeng Zhang is helping to advance technologies for recycling used nuclear fuel (UNF).

As the United States continues to explore ways of offsetting climate change and the domestic reliance on fossil fuel energy, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is turning to nuclear fuel and awarded $38 million in funding to support projects that advance UNF technologies.

Professor Zhang is leading one of 12 research projects recently funded by the DOE initiative. Zhang will use the $2.7 million grant to develop a self-powered, wireless sensor that provides long-term, real-time monitoring of high-temperature molten salt density and level. This will enable accurate safeguarding and monitoring of the electrochemical processing of UNF.

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