Where are they now

  • Mahdi Ahmadi

    Mahdi Ahmadi

    Master of Science 2016
    Environmental and Energy Analyst
    NESCAUM, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Ahmed

    Ahmed Alghamdi

    Bachelor of Science 2017 - Mechanical & Energy Engineering
    Facilities Engineer
    Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Bassam Alotaibi

    Bassam Alotaibi

    Bachelor of Science 2017
    Mechanical Engineer I
    QC/QA and Maintenance Departments, ArcelorMittal, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
    A new day means new thoughts
  • Ali Alsabti

    Ali Alsabti

    Bachelor of Science Mechanical and Energy Engineering in 2015
    Design and Technical Engineer
    Schlumberger located in Bahrain
  • Armstrong A. Ekpete

    Armstrong A. Ekpete

    Bachelor of Science 2016
    Aerospace Engineer
    Defense Contract Management Agency (Department of Defense) Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
    The support of non-traditional students and personal relationships with professors is world class at UNT and the MEE degree was critical to my transition from serving in the Air Force to securing an aerospace engineering role within the Department of Defense.
  • tyler farmer

    Tyler Farmer

    Bachelor of Science 2016
    Planner I
    L3 ISR, Greenville, Texas