From UNT and Back: How one student is returning to his alma mater to return the favor

Michael Garza

Michael Garza (’18) is a proud Construction Engineering Technology alumnus who, through hard work and dedication, will be giving back to UNT as part of the UNT Frisco Campus construction.

In his sophomore year at UNT, Garza joined the Texo Foundation Student Competition, which aims to support and encourage students pursuing a career in construction. Being a part of the CNET competition team opened doors for an opportunity to advance Garza’s career. 

“In my junior year, I was invited back to serve on the team again, and when the competition was over, I introduced myself to a gentleman who happened to work here at Baker Drywall. He was able to set me up with an interview for an internship position that started at the beginning of my senior year. I accepted it and worked for Baker Drywall my entire senior year rolling straight into a full-time position,” said Garza. 

Garza started out at Barker Drywall as an intern and was eventually promoted to project manager, thanks to his dedication and teamwork.
“We had a great team out there, and I learned a lot from them,” he said. 
Now, he’s looking forward to his next challenge.

“Baker Drywall is working with Vaughn Construction on the new UNT Frisco Campus, and I’ll be the project manager for us on the project. Our estimator who bid the project is also a UNT graduate, so as alumni, this one means a lot to us and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Garza understands what it takes to be able to attain these goals and offers some advice for students and alumni to help them be successful in their endeavors. 

“There is a lesson that can be taken from every single day,” he said. “Be teachable and remain that way far beyond graduation.”