Alumnus credits UNT with job success

Zachary Biloff
Alumnus Zachary Biloff has had quite the gig since he graduated from UNT. As a project manager and application engineer for Mechanical Resource Group, MRG, – a manufacturer’s representative, mechanical contractor and distributor of HVAC & Hydronic equipment located in Nashville, Tenn.— Biloff credits much of his success to what he learned throughout his undergraduate experience.

“Since earning my degree, I have noticed the instant respect and admiration when people see my class ring or glance over my resume. My degree has opened the door for opportunities and connections that would’ve been unattainable without it,” said Biloff, who graduated in 2019 with his B.S. in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. “I utilize most of the course knowledge I have gained in my job every day, ranging from the pycrometrics learned in thermodynamics to Bernoullis and Reynolds from fluid mechanics and exchanges of thermal energy in heat transfer to almost everything learned in machine elements. I am very thankful to have taken all of those essential courses as it has given me a solid foundation to elevate my position as a new engineer.”

Biloff says Mark Wasikowski, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, taught him to expect the unexpected and stay prepared.

“Watching my team’s meticulous engineering come to life during the fabrication portion of the course was not only rewarding, but also addicting,” said Biloff. “I knew getting a degree in engineering was something I wanted, and now I see my hard work paying off every day I walk into the office. My current position has truly solidified the late nights of studying followed by early morning exams as constructive and worthwhile.”

It’s skills learned in Wazikowski’s senior design course that helped set the groundwork for Biloff to be able to work on some of Nashville’s biggest projects within the first six months of being employed at MRG.

“I have gotten to work on the SOHO House Hotel, Four Seasons Nashville, Gaylord Opryland Water Park, Fort Campbell, TTU Cooper Dunn, Vanderbilt Additions and plenty of others that have and will shape the city of Nashville for years to come,” said Biloff.

Looking to the future, Biloff’s goal is to earn his Professional Engineering license and start his own consulting firm that focuses on renewable, sustainable, and economical energy engineering solutions for retrofitting and new construction projects nationwide.