Alumni Spotlight: Sagar Kumar

Sargar Kumar
Sagar Kumar graduated from The University of North Texas in 2017 with a Master of Science in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. Since graduating he started working as an independent contractor for two 3-D printing companies, and he now works as a Research and Development Engineer at Aqua Creek Products, who are one the biggest manufacturers of pool lifts for disabled people and workout bikes. The company exports products to more than 52 countries. “My work basically involves the design, development, and testing of new upcoming lifts and bike. I usually do a lot of static and structural calculations and stress analysis on designs. I also assist machining and fabrication departments in making prototypes for testing.” Kumar said. His time working as an independent contractor helped him gain experience and knowledge by working on real life projects. This experience has given him the skills to succeed. “In my current position as an R & D engineer, I have designed three new lift designs for disabled people out of which one lift is already launched in the market.” said Kumar. “Another design will be filed for a patent next year. I also worked on a pool exercise bike which will be on the market by mid-2019.” Since his time at UNT Kumar has expanded his skills and continued to learn from skills at teamwork, designing, testing and to converting 3-d models to a real-life working product. The foundations of these skills he gained from working on his Master of Science degree at UNT. “I learned a lot about stress analysis from a few subjects which I took during the course of my degree. I also strengthened my engineering knowledge and developed a sound design mindset.” said Kumar. “I worked as a teaching faculty in the Engineering technology department for one semester where my job was to clear doubts of the student in the Engineering Graphics lab. This position helped me to help few drafters in my company in helping them with Solidworks.” Reflecting back on his time at UNT he offers some advice for future students on how the most important thing he learned was knowledge and a positive attitude. “Being an international student a lot depends on your attitude which has to be positive. You might have a big loan, you might be away from your family but in the end, you have to believe in yourself and don’t get distracted. If your best friend failed it doesn’t mean you will fail too.” Said Kumar. His goals are to return one day to India and eventually start his own 3-D printing company.