Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Leney

Brandon Leney
Brandon Leney graduated the University of North Texas in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. The skills he learned in classes like FEA, Statics, Manufacturing Processes, and Senior Design he continues to use on a daily basis. After transitioning into the industry after college, the skills he leaned gave him the foundation to expand his skillset such as detailed analysis techniques, to even just communicating better in a professional environment. Leney is currently working for General Dynamics Electric Boat in New London, Connecticut as a structural engineer. “I design special fixtures to support the construction of the Navy’s new Columbia Class Submarines as well as the Virginia Payload Module.” Said Leney. “When our company christened the USS South Dakota last year was an unreal moment. Being a part of something so special to our country was really cool.” We asked asked what the most important thing he learned while studding mechanical and energy engineering and if he had any advice for future students. “The technical side of my education is obviously crucial but besides that I would say organization and time management. I am very busy with many projects at once so being able to manage those properly has been extremely helpful.” Said Leney. “My advice is don’t give up. This degree is challenging and I had a lot of obstacles to overcome to get my degree and I can tell you 100% it was all worth it. Just keep working hard.” Leney’s goals for the future is to eventually become a principal engineer for a defense contractor at General Dynamics.